Bespoke Jewellery 

What could be more personal than a unique piece of jewellery made for you?

That’s exactly what we can do here at Watermans. It could be earrings, a bracelet or even an engagement ring.

Bring in your design to us and we can sit down and finalise it, alternatively we can work a design out for you using our latest computer technology. This allows us to show you the preview before we start work on your item of jewellery.  We can then tailor an exquisite item of jewellery to your needs.

We will be in regular contact with you whilst we create your unique and beautiful piece of jewellery. Creating a bespoke piece of jewellery can take time but it is certainly more than worth the wait.




Pictures – Handmade Platinum with Yellow and White Diamond Ring

Handmade Platinum with White Diamond and Emerald Earrings