Valuation for insurance purposes

Just like other insurances giving you piece of mind should the inevitable happen, it is also important that your treasured items of jewellery are insured. This makes it much easier to identify your jewellery should your items be lost or stolen.

At Watermans we offer two services.

  1. Our experienced goldsmith will examine your jewellery and provide you with a written valuation which acts as a legal document that you can use for your insurance.
  2. We will send your jewellery to a company called safeguard who are highly experienced independent jewellery valuers. They specialise in jewellery, watches and silverware.

To find out more or to discuss the two different options please call or email for an appointment.

Valuation for probate

Unlike an insurance valuation which outlines the full retail replacement value. A probate assessment is based on the value of the items of jewellery if they were to be sold. For example, at an auction or selling in a shop such as ourselves.

If you are settling an estate then this is the valuation that you will need.

This is to ensure fair distribution amongst heirs and to prove the estate value for inheritance tax.

All you need to do is make an appointment explaining it is for a probate valuation and we will do the rest!

Valuation for family separation

In the unfortunate event of a divorce or separation, a division of assets valuation is used to calculate a fair settlement amount between both parties.

As with a probate valuation, this valuation is not suitable for obtaining insurance.